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Photo taken August 1995

Ms. Troy Lynn Eckart, F.B.S.
FFS, Founder (1987)
Previous Appointments:
LIFE, National Rabies Information Coordinator
International Ferret Congress, Advisor

PO Box 186
Manhattan KS 66505-0186
(785) 456-8337
e-mail: sprite@ksu.edu
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Newsletters:                                                     Medical Information:   

2000 FFS Newsletter                                        Feeding Sick Ferrets 

1999 FFS Newsletter                                            Ferret Health Care

                                                                   Adrenal Disease Treatments

                                                                   Virbac - Suprelorin F (deslorelin)

Rabies Information:                                FFS Materials:

Compendium of Animal Rabies Control                Ready to Get Your First Ferret?

FFS Rabies Brochure                                           Working With Biters

Kansas Rabies Regulations                                         Baby Ferret Care

            Rabies Laws in the US             Ferret Feeding, Switching Foods, and Starvation

Tips for Finding a Home for Ferrets

Time Management

About Ferrets

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